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Campaign to support the education of children and young people affected by armed conflicts


1480773_10151760930071227_244150838_nYou will discover on this website the information on human rights situation, justice and the consequences of armed conflict in the countries.

Since working for the weak, for the voiceless, we probed the finger pain, accompanied by massive violations of human rights, and we knew the significance of the lack of an interlocutor, an advocate for speechless.

By contemplating the world with its realities, we feel revolted and affected by injustice, inequality and lack of respect for human rights. But somewhere, we say that we must act. So, we said no and put our expertise and knowledge how to fight against these scourges. Nothing will stop us and all those who will violate the  human rights, will meet us along the way, also the history will never leave unpunished.

It is imperative that we make peace, demystify the glorification of weapons, violence and conflict in the world.Pictures GRAM 041

Together, we will be able to change the world and to make a new face of hope, peace, justice and love.The power supply will transform the life of a child, a young, a woman somewhere in the world.

We need you!

"As for us, as the blood flows in our veins, we will continue to fight for the promotion and defense of human rights" 

Victor AMISI, Executuve Director