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Vision GRAM-International at the preparatory Committee UNPoA

2c80010f-1ff8-45f8-9c6d-49b283fdd370New York 21 march 2018- Vision GRAM-International is attending the Preparatory Committee that precedes the Review Conference for the UN Programme of Action on small arms and its International Tracing Instrument. The event is held from 19 to 23 march 2018 at United Nations/New York. The Programme of Action was adopted by all UN member states in 2001 and the International Tracing Instruments were similarly adopted in 2005.

Since 2001, the international community has effectively mobilized to fight this scourge and curb violence by SALW, which cause more casualties than any other weapon. The commitee consider that "the illicit trafficking of SALW is a source of great concern and an immediate threat to international peace, security and development. SALW are thought to cause about 500,000 deaths per year and account for more than 90% of victims in armed conflicts, while the value of the undocumented small arms trade may run in the billions of dollars per year. In many countries, because of a lack of regulations and controls, it is too easy to divert small arms to the illicit market through theft, leakage, corruption or pilferage". The President of the RevCon stated: "Illicit flows of SALW have a wide range of humanitarian and socio-economic impacts, threatening peace, reconciliation and sustainable development, undermining respect for international human rights law and international humanitarian law. In addition, armed conflict and high levels of armed violence form a serious impediment to economic growth".

c7cd9d30-9b31-4848-b2f4-c986d8d0ab52 (Vidéo)As a member of IANSA, Vision GRAM-International had a privilege to adress to the States members about the consequences of smal arms. "African governments say they are doing their best, but they lack resources. They need to fix gaps in our national legislation and regulations on small arms and light weapons. They need to create sufficient capacity to enforce those laws according to the best United Nations and international standards. For example, law enforcement operations must limit the use of force to the minimum extent necessary – but in our region, state security forces often commit violent acts with small arms and light weapons, even against unarmed protestors. A culture of militarism is often dominant in policing, rather than a culture of the rule of law and human rights. This exacerbates conflicts and violent dissent", stated Victor AMISI, executive director of Vision GRAM-International.

The statment of  Victor AMISI, Vision GRAM-International

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