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Education of youth: Vision GRAM-International work closely with the student in order to involve and educate young Canadians and immigrant’s global realities:
In helping in the research on the problem of armed conflicts in african countries.

And by helping them to develop the tools and skills necessary to address the significant problems of the world.
In encouraging them to actively play a very important role for peace, justice and human rights throughout the world.

In valuing the role and place of immigrant youth in the promotion of human rights and in

particular the prevention of conflicts.


Information and Public Awareness (Internet, cultural events, conferences, and production of magazine dealing with problems related to children and women in African countries).
Encounters and Exchanges between young Canadians and immigrants on the issue of human rights, peace and security in their countries of origin and destination.
Mobilization of resources (human and financial) for the implementation of programs and projects for children and women affected by armed conflict throughout the world.
Join networks, coalitions, forums and in Canada by actively participating in their activities.