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The mission is to ensure that action is constant, systematic and concerted effort to the promotion and protection of the rights of children and women without distinction of race, sex and religion.It identifies and works on ways and means of preventing war and promoting peace through youth, children and other.
In networks with other organizations for human rights, individuals, Vision GRAM- International work to promote human rights, peace and security using more effectively in regional and international mechanisms to promote human rights, as the United Nations system.
It supports and promotes the universal values of human rights as defined in the international chart of human rights.
Vision GRAM- International has expanded its mandate at international level for the strengthening of it work focuses on children's rights, women's rights, small arms and weapons lights and human rights issues, research on the issue conflicts in Africa, Security and Peace.
To support youth and facilitate the exchange between them around the world.
In collaboration with other partners, Vision GRAM- International will help to enhance the work of immigrants’ human rights defenders to Canada in order to involve them in work and be able to act even outside in some emergency programs.